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Both Dr. Ken and Dr. Guldal are practiced educators, clinicians, and workshop leaders. Don’t miss the opportunity for their unique approach to teaching empowerment, stress reduction, increasing physical wellness, understanding and shifting chronic and immune system issues, and the discovery of overall permanent personal transformation. Experience for yourself the difference. Work individually, or have one or both speak at your event soon.


Dr. Ken and Dr. Guldal met synchronistically in a psychotherapy practice and discovered they had been on a similar path in discovering life and its meaning. Both had been on a personal and professional quest for discovery, truth, and purpose; searching for an authentic and vital life. From early childhood, both had experienced life from an intuitive and spiritual place--knowing they wanted to make a difference both were led to the field of psychology. They had also experienced chronic physical issues that led them to many healers as they discovered the inescapable intertwining of the body-mind.


After they met and quickly became friends, it was evident that in many ways they were cut from the same cloth. They had both been working with self and others in an almost identical manner: by utilizing body techniques that were both learned and given to them in meditation. They also worked with the spiritual, psychological, emotional body utilizing multidimensional components for empowerment and wellness again in similar ways.


Knowing and believing "there are no accidents," they were brought together to not only grow and heal personally but to help others do the same----the very thing that had always driven their life’s purpose. As they continued to grow individually while also impacting each others growth The InnerPathic Process was born. The multimodal components that started with self-discovery, both for them and their clients have become a proven tool for this unique body-mind healing process which increases overall health, as well as, increasing awareness and understanding of the wisdom that lies within.

Dr. Guldal has been quoted in the New York Times and interviewed on Good Morning America.




Ph.D. Psychology     LMT Licensed Massage Therapy

Dr. Ken has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Ohio.


For all of his adult life, he has been drawn to the study of diverse perspectives and experiences of growth and healing. He has sometimes found his way to a study or experience because of intellectual curiosity. He has sometimes been drawn to something because of his own healing or because of the healing of a client.


He has found that healing when it’s not simple needs to occur in multiple aspects of functioning, body, mind, spirit for change to occur. His earliest studies and experiences were in American Indian and shamanic healing. His psychological perspective has been influenced by Process-Experiential Therapy, Jungian thought, systems and family therapy, Psycho-neuro- immunology, the study of trauma, grief, and loss, and living with chronic, and acute physical illness.


Even before he received his license in massage therapy, he had studied and experienced energy healing, structural body-work, chakra and meridian balancing, various forms of meditation, and the intuitive process.


Dr. Davis has always been fascinated by a broader perspective on life and healing. He believes that it is important to discover individual truths about the world that otherwise exist out of our reach. When a new awareness occurs it expands our reach and it opens us to a new vision that makes change possible. He knows from his own experience that this kind of curiosity had helped him when he was physically ill and has seen it help with his clients. This has helped with clients of all kinds and particularly with people who had various kinds of physical illness that had poor outcomes.


This commitment to non-judgmental exploration of our experience and its meaning has been crucial in his personal change process and in his work with others. This kind of exploration does not start as a natural orientation but is crucial in each person's healing, particularly as individuals experience the negative aspects of navigating physical or emotional challenges that have no easy answers. He believes that a crucial shift for healing is to integrate a bodily driven intuitive process with cognitive awareness. He continues to use this in his daily life, and apply it in his work with clients.



Ph.D. Psychology      NMD Naturopathic Medicine     NAC Spiritual Teacher

Spiritual Leader Sacred Circle of Oklevueha Native American Church

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Born in Turkey, Dr. Guldal is bilingual in both English and Turkish and has been an avid student of Sanskrit and Ancient Languages for the use of healing.


She is a long time student of the science of Sound, Mind-Science, and Eastern Religions with Dr. Bashram Pillai. Dr. Guldal is experienced and trained in global indigenous Medicine and Ceremony.    Spiritually adopted in both South Africa and the United States as a Medicine Woman.


Licensed as a Psychologist in the State of Ohio, she has a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, a triple major Bachelors degree in Existential Philosophy, Psychology, and Interpersonal Communications and a Masters Degree in Education with a focus on Curriculum Development and Human Development.


Her passion for bridging studies continued with a second Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.

  • Worked as a full-time instructor teaching Human Development and Family Therapy at Bowling Green State University

  • Worked as a staff psychologist at The Student Medical Center at The University of Toledo

  • Has several private practice offices in Ohio, New York, and Turkey

  • Hosted her own radio show “Are You Awake?”

  • Motivational speaker, seminar leader, and workshop presenter and educator

  • Hosted her own Docu-series Peace²

  • More to come...


The common thread in all of her formal education was the interconnection of the body-mind. Therefore, her specialty area in both of her Doctoral Studies was this entwined oneness. The field is known as Psycho-Neuro-Immunology, Traumatology, Neuroscience, and Neuroplasticity.  The study of body-mind and it’s stressors that are chronic and acute and the body-mind relationship to a variety of emotional and physical manifestations is her specialty area. Her academic and scholarly work continued with PTSD, family systems, humanistic studies with an added element of the mystical Carl Jung.


PNI and Trauma is a field of study that Dr. Guldal was working in long before it became a formal area of study. A field of study that was born from the AID’s crisis and Breast Cancer research, stemming from the question most asked by many in the medical community. “Why is it that some people with these diseases live longer than others?” A similar question posed by Victor Frankl, one of the Father’s of Existential Philosophy, when he witnessed some people in concentration camps doing well while others shriveled away. The answers were almost the same: A purpose for living, a giving back, in other words, a connection between the emotional body and the physical.


Her formal studies were matched in intensity in her quest for knowledge and understanding of the body-mind and her thirst to understand what it was she “saw.” Since she was young, she had an intuitive process a “seeing” that pulled her into these areas of study out of curiosity as well as a burning desire to “get it” which led her around the world to many teachers. And to a meditative process that brought teachers to her. She saw behind the veil which only intensified her search and her learning through apprenticeships and study in many forms. Study of the spiritual, esoteric, the overall connection of body-mind-spirit. These studies are ongoing with many of her teachers.


Dr. Guldal has a long history of working with people with chronic and terminal illnesses. During the AIDS crisis, she worked for ten years helping people live and die with dignity and faith. Along her path she became very ill with a complete physiological collapse and as her doctors told her she was about 1 week away from dying. It was at this time that so many different healers came into her life, to teach her that what she had been “experiencing,” “seeing,” as a child was real. These teachers taught Dr. G. to use this gift with consciousness and for the goodness of others.


Among her extensive studies are Oriental, Tibetan, and Shamanic, and Body Medicine, Elats Kowat, as well as acupuncture, herbology, naturopathy, meditation, yoga, chi gong, chakra energy, chakra balancing, esoteric healing, and of course many western systems of healing.


Dr. Guldal realizes that she has been blessed to be mentored and apprenticed by great Tibetan and Chinese healers, Shamans, Guru’s, and healers from many faiths and systems.


As she has often stated “I am grateful every day for the learning from all the clients I have worked with, my teachers, my ancestors

-- Walk Sacred - Talk Sacred.“






Traditionally, Medicine People were community-based healers who had healing skills and power that other members of the tribe did not have. Their healing came from visions that lead them into studying medicine. This is still true, in that Medicine People Men and Women (Dr. Guldal) are called upon to share their gifts and knowledge of the earth and energy based medicine with others.


Still today Medicine people keep their medicine tools in a medicine bundle. The contents of the medicine bundle are sacred and private. The use of medicine from the “Earth,” “Ether,” “Metal,” “Fire (smoke)” --The key elements of nature are the foundation of Native American Medicine. Each Medicine Person only uses those tools for which he or she has been trained. The symbols and tools are then placed in the medicine bundle. Today, the symbolic elements are placed in the bundle and the opening and closing of the bundle have ceremony and prayer for healing.


A Bona Fide Medicine Person like Dr. Guldal has to be adopted and fully recognized by their people. This is a Federal law and Dr. Guldal complied fully with all regulations and has been spiritually adopted by Oklevueha Native American Church. She was granted the honor and prilivedge of Spiritual Leader with her own branch, Oklevueha Sacred Circle Native American Church.


A Medicine Person not only uses spirituality, wholeness, remedies from the earth, and ancient ceremony, the whole body is also treated. With the overall goal of allowing the ancestors to guide each persons highest interest to return to a state of harmony and wellness.


As can be seen, the key components of Native American Medicine are in perfect harmony with Naturopathy and the philosophy of The InnerPathic Process. All of these are the heart of who Dr. Guldal is, therefore, the marriage of these elements for Dr. Guldal was more than synchronicity, it was in her words, “Truly Divine.”

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