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Both Dr. Guldal and Dr. Ken are healing intuitives. This means they can read the body’s resonance, energy field, structure, emotional experience, among other things and work with you to bring the body into a healing environment. The human body-mind-spirit (i.e., The Soul) has been divinely designed to always pull towards healing; towards what’s in the best interest -- "Highest Good". Knowing this, they trust this pull towards healing and the direction it takes.


Often, the direction entails detours one would not have thought of. The inextricably entwined path of healing incorporates all the possible dimensions of the human experience, including the emotional, physical, and spiritual history as well as the many bodily, cognitive, emotional, and energetic techniques that may be used to address those.


Seeing, sensing, reading, and experiencing "the other" is the dynamic key to the "Healing Intuitive Process". As the work unfolds each client learns within their unique ability how to use their own intuitive process for their continued healing and empowered life. This is an almost automatic growth that comes from working in unity and with Dr. Ken and Dr. Guldal.


Working Utilizing highly attuned Intuitive Process dedicated to healing is a necessary component of in the "Highest Good".

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