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“I-See (Intuitive-Structural, Emotional, Energetic) Body Therapy is an integrated hands-on approach that can also be applied long distance. This may involve long distance energy work and/or directed techniques that you will do on your own. As always with InnerPathic work, the intuitive process is used to access what's in the Highest Good (best interest) and determines how, when, and what techniques are used during the session.


." When the body is asked what is Working in The Highest Good" and "Intuitive Process" I-SEE is an Integrated form of Body Therapy that is formed by "in The Highest Good for healing, the intuitive process is led by the body to determine where, what modality, or combination of body-energy modalities will be used. An example might be alternating working physically in the myofascial system with working energetically with a release technique to release old dysfunctional patterns that inhibit positive functioning and change in our experience and approach to the world.


"I-SEE Body Therapy" allows us to make changes in what we tune into in the world and also what feedback the world gives us. The body as well as the mind holds memories and orients us to our world. Most of us understand changing the mind's awareness. It is often of equal fundamental importance to make changes in the body and its awareness as well. We are automatically in our bodies. The body responds without thinking of the world and acts as a filter to what awareness, we have of the world, simultaneously, projecting who we are to the outside world. That is, as our bodies move through the world, the movement and its subsequent vibration of that movement, that way of "being" in the world, creates both what we experience and how others experience us.


The ultimate goal is to align the body's structure, its energy, and its emotional being into a more functional and aware state. To create positive change. In this more aware and aligned state the soul, the body-mind are congruent, which is necessary for a vital, strong, joyful, state of health.


As Ida Rolf once said, “the structure determines function and function determines structure.”

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