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Meditation is a fundamental aspect of the healing journey of our lives, Meditation simply defined is a process and practice that leads to state of consciousness that brings, serenity, clarity, and sense of peace and joy. It has been described as a non-dualistic state of consciousness in which the consciousness of the experiencing subject becomes one with the experienced object. There are many ways to practice meditation, in stillness, in movement, through chanting and sound. Learning the different forms of stillness, the various stages of concentration, such as “Dhyana” and “Samadhi," utilizing Breath (Prana), Sound (chanting). Movement (yoga, walking, stretching), Mindfulness, Self –Responsibility and Sutras (From Patanjali) and Stillness of body-mind are a few of the ways to achieve inner quiet, and a meditative state.

The research in this arena indicates that a consistent meditation practice can lead to lowered blood pressure, a decreased experience of stress on the physical and emotional body, increased cardiological health, as well as an increase in clarity of thought, cognition, and focus. Other benefits include a sense of peace, spontaneous joy, the ability to see the good, and a sense of deep gratitude.

These practices allow us to achieve inner-quiet so we can listen to a deeper and more spiritual, calmer process that exists inside all of us. Routine mediation helps create and maintain inner-quiet and orient us to listening to the intuitive process inside of ourselves. The intuitive process is crucial for listening to the “call of the soul” To the stirrings of our subconscious and psyche. Our minds are otherwise busy with the needs of the day and the automatic process of “survival” that we learned from our parents and others during our lives.


The InnerPathic Process it is made simple and designed for the individual. Regardless, of its design, the core is always the same and leads to the same place---quiet, stillness, a place to hear wisdom, a place to restore health, an opportunity for clarity. The study and practice of Meditation utilized in The InnerPathic Process. Our automatic daily living process may not include orienting to a quieter place. Although there is much information today regarding the value of meditation, the very concept can be very confusing. That is why as part of “is eclectic in nature.

" taking back our lives that trusting others is to facilitate for each individual their own empowerment. To depend on self and each individual's own guidance for all decisions and life actions. There is so much dependence on The InnerPathic ProcessThe goal of self becomes paramount. A meditative process and practice aids in this goal.

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