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This name encompasses three influential components involved in human processing. NLP describes the fundamental dynamics between mind and language and how this personal interface creates internal models of beliefs and actions.


It is clear in the study of human interaction, behavior, and self-assessment, that “We are the word.” When listening closely to the words people choose to describe, self, other, the relationship, the words and sentence structure, along with tone is the immediate reflection of their internal truth.


There is much literature and research indicating the relationship between word choice and the brains’ use of the symbol these choices provide. The brain will do as it is told it will send the neuro-synaptic messages of these symbols throughout the body-mind. At the same time, the brain will repeat over and over again the early messages it received during the growing up process. These repeated messages are the core of many automatic responses humans live with.


Language both reflects what we are able to see and make use of, such as Eskimos having multiple words for snow, and therefore creates the possibility for change in how we see things. When we find the word for our experience or an aspect of our experience that captures the essence of it, it creates the possibility of both understanding and starting accurately from what we understand to not only changing word choice but to change our experience and therefore our behavior and attitude.


It is this process that is fundamentally important and utilized in The InnerPathic Process model. Listening to word choice, educating each person to listen and to begin the change of word use is part of the greater path of change and growth. As with each individual element, NLP is also an integral component of facilitating permanent change in the body-mind-spirit. The empowering aspect of learning, growing, taking charge is only the beginning. The voyage to understanding the path of life that has been each person’s soul journey, through the discovery of each person’s individual vocabulary is essential as well as powerful.

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