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The foundational philosophy of The InnerPathic Process is twofold. First, the soul (the psyche, the subconscious, the entire person) pulls, yearns, and exists for healing. It calls in this yearning in many ways. Sometimes in the quiet, we can feel it, sometimes in our discomfort, we know it. Secondly, whatever is in the highest good (best interest) of the soul is directly and simultaneously good for the entire body-mind.


Each relationship; each session, begins with the question “What is in the Highest Good of the Soul?” This directs the intuitive process of what direction the work will take. Part of the work might include verbal processing of personal experience as body and mind generally reflect each other, and healing typically begins with the use of what is natural in each individual's process. You may be someone who is more verbally driven, needing to talk things through in order to grasp them. Or you may be someone whose experience is more body driven and your structure is in conflict and pain.


There are so many different ways people experience life, and the entry door will reflect this. It doesn’t matter since all is connected. Ultimately, the goal is healing the soul (the entire person) releasing the body-mind to open the psyche towards release and understanding, so that the physical body and energetic body can let go of past imprints and conditioning. Which in turn leads to more present and conscious experience, and more healthy and vital living.

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