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Spirituality is often defined as an Inner Path that enables a person to discover the essence of their being. The core of who they are and the deepest values and meanings by which they live. Therefore, it can be stated that the essence of spirituality is the search to uncover “true self” to discover the real nature of “consciousness.”


Throughout history, psychologists, sociologist, philosophers, theologians and the like have searched to understand humanity. It has been stated that how humans know themselves –as an individual “Self” has limitations. That “self” is only aware of the surface as defined by a formed identity --“The Ego.” This ego is formed based on what a person does, how much money they have, their religion, etc. this “self” is said to be ever searching for a deeper meaning and purpose. That without meaning the formed identity is lost and fearful.


Therefore, a struggle, a search, a quest for meaning plagues most people at some point in their lives. It is this search that is the goal of spiritual awareness for many spiritual leaders and individuals. Spiritual practices, including meditation, prayer, stillness, and contemplation, are intended to develop an individual's inner life. What is defined as spiritual experience includes a sense of connection with a larger reality, with others in the human community; with nature, with the universe and/ or with a sense of the divine. Spirituality is often experienced as a source of inspiration in life.

Scholars have stated that when people discover this deeper sense of self they are freed from many of their fears. They discover a sense of inner peace, an inner trust and safety that does not depend upon others. As a result, people can become less self-centered, less dependent on others for approval, less needy of many things in general. With more inner security, less dependence on others a happier, healthier and more loving state of being is created. This experience is often called "self-liberation."


Enhancing spiritual awareness can offer many physical and emotional benefits to your life. This awareness can help you attain a sense of purpose and help you understand where you are most passionate. It can help in awakening this passion along with an inner trust. This inner trust, in turn, leads to making decisions quickly and with a self-assuredness that surpasses fear, and the need for others to decide. This in and of itself is incredibly empowering. This connection to inner source is comforting and quieting, which in turn can lead to a positive outlook, beliefs, and improved health.


With the help of The InnerPathic Process, a journey of self-discovery and healing of the physical and emotional body unfolds. During this unfolding, there is Awareness - Aliveness - Alertness to your own consciousness. This, in turn, can lead you to your greatest potential, purpose, and meaning with you experiencing greater understanding while you are In Charge and Awake!

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