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Fusion of Modalities

The InnerPathic Process is the philosophical, theoretical, and hands-on functional model that synthesizes current research and application in fields such as...

While at the same time Fusing the above with techniques and components from the following:
This fusion of Body-Mind Science is a pattern of elements so unified in it's integration that it cannot be described merely as a sum of its parts. It is instead, an emergence of a
"unique new whole."


The InnerPathic Process!



  • Develop your ability to use your intuition to hear the “call of the soul,” to make empowered clear choices for your unique challenges.
  • To take into consideration the advice of experts, to trust your wisdom to guide you in decision making, regardless of type, whether issues of chronic or acute illness, interpersonal, economic, or emotional.
  • Change your body energy and physical structure to optimize functioning.
  • Recalibrate meridian centers and energy flow, all of which increases relief from all types of chronic issues.
  • Improve your understanding of who you really are without the historical- self-hypnosis, so that you can grow to become who you need/want to be.
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